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As explained in the video below, my spiritual awakening was caused by passion to really understand why the Great Pyramid, and accompanying pyramids of Giza, in Ancient Egypt, were built.

Essentially it comes to this basic premise of fire and water, which is at the heart of the spiritual experience. In allowing divine fire to merge into the waters of our bodies, and illuminate the dark waters of our unconscious embodiment, we become the adept Yogi or Wizard, and can be said to have brought Heaven to Earth, at least internally.

It is becoming increasingly apparent, at least to me, the Pyramids were used, as the pivotal part of a global network, to do this externally, right across the globe. Essentially the pyramid did the Yoga for humanity, at least to a certain level, to ensure a peaceful Egypt, and a peaceful world.

Far from being purely metaphorical, or purely psychological, the Pyramids stand a testament to how much the Ancients knew about how to work with the subtle energies within the body, and within the Earth, in order to ensure well-being.

Well-being ensures a stable civilisation in which for it to flourish, and globally this through the interconnectedness of the network, and the trade that follows that, it must have seen an unparallelled time of both peace, and prosperity in all four corners of the Earth.

In my post inspired by the work of Professor Masaru Emoto, I showed the incredible properties of water as being able to respond to conscious thought, and words. The Pyramid is sitting on an aquifer, where we can see the sacred waters rise up, as the Pyramid is built to channel celestial, and sunlight into it. Furthermore the ancient stories talk of the Pyramids being surrounded by water, indeed the Sphinx shows incredible signs of being weathered by water. I wonder, whether this was caused at a time when these waters linked to the Nile, and the inundation, and receding of the waters caused the weathering. Furthermore, whether the appearance, and disappearance of the Sphinx, or Lion, was somehow significant to illustrate the meeting of the Light and the Water. The Lion has always been seen to represent the Sun, because of it’s golden colour, its main, like sunlight, and it being King of the Animal Kingdom, as the Sun is Lord of the Earth.

The buried, sea faring ships buried by the Pyramid give credence to the fact that the Pyramids were surrounded by water in antiquity, and that is would have been possible to sail from there, out into the Nile, and into the Sea.

Therefore The Pyramids were connected to the Earth via water, a perfect conductor of energy, in this case, subtle energy. The effect of which would have had an effect on the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

We see the same pattern in Glastonbury, for there are three mounds here too, Wearly all hill, which sees the Glastonbury Thorn said to have spring from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea, Chalice Well, which sees the emergence of the sacred red spring, and the famous Glastonbury Tor, which sees the emergence of the sacred white spring, and is itself, also an aquifer, just like that which the Pyramid is built on.

All three mounds were surrounded by water in antiquity, which led out to the sea, before the Roman drained the area. This is how we have the legend of Avalon attributed to Glastonbury Tor.

Much like the Pyramids which would have gleamed a brilliant light, before the facing stones were taken to build medieval Cairo, I note that our very own Silbury Hill, at Avebury, is also essentially a white, stepped pyramid made of chalk, now grassed over. I feel that this too would have been surrounded by water, and is also an aquifer.

Through the work of Hamish Miller, and Paul Broadhurt we know that Glastonbury and Silbury Hill ae connected by energy (ley) lines known as the Michael Line, possibly magma induced, and the Mary line, seemingly following underground water-courses.

It seems apparent that the Ancient used their deep understanding of the energetics of the Earth (and Heavens) to their advantage to uplift humanity, and I would say made all sorts of other things possible too, as it represented their natural, and sustainable, free, energy source.

I strongly feel that we are coming into a time where it is essential for humanity to reclaim this lost knowledge to light us out of the period of Spiritual ignorance and arrogance that we have been living in, to the detriment of our health, and that of the Earth.

This can be done if we see to do the Kundalini Yoga ourselves, increase our electromagnetic field, and therefore strength of well-being, impervious to pollution, physical or psychic, and spread this good news through our own new, and wonderful global network of the internet and telecommunication.

This post represents a part of this intention. I hope you will take it seriously, as our fate is surely entwined to the necessary, re-embodiment of lost, heart felt, deep wisdom.

So, what do you think ?

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