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What is love? The age old question…

Love is always here. When we feel love, all we have done have found ourselves to be a situation where we can finally, really, deeply, truly relax because we feel safe. When we safe we simply allow the feeling of what is most natural to rise, which is love. Love is the background to our existence, because it is what underpins all things, the secret language of the universe.

Often this happens in the growing bond of another, especially in an intimate relationship, in a moment, the shared experience is cultivated, and contained to such an extend, that you both match each-others vibration exactly, the parameters are set perfectly for love to arise, and be the shared, felt experience.

You look into each others eyes, and see all the secrets of the other, of your own soul, and the universe in this reflection.

Suddenly love takes over, and it is all that matters…

The tendency, the myth of which our contemporary society perpetuates, in its new found immaturity, is that this loves exists only because of that, which has been brought by the other. Love is externalised, and completely identified, with another. Therefore, love, this new found feeling, of such great value, is subject to the threat of loss, if that person periodically, or permanently chooses to leave us. This causes panic, and the need to hold that person to you, so they can not escape, as you do not wish to let this valuable feeling go, now that you have finally recovered it. This can be, in part, the impetus for relationship. So love, is now a double-edged sword, it shields us from our insecurities. A relationship is there to secure love, and marriage, to capture it, once and for all.

But love can not be captured, it can not be grasped, and it does not, only exist in another, or in your relationship to another. Love, is, was, and always will be here, now, in you, as you, regardless of the circumstances, even, or especially, when you are alone.

Self reliance is a connection that must be made. To know, that love, not only exists within you, but that it is the very ground, upon which, everything that you are depends upon. The moment this is externalised, you are split, you are lost, you are a victim to circumstance. Love is strength. Love is Truth. Love is absolute. Love must be trusted, and surrendered to internally, as the bedrock on which to define existence. From that rock, you can then see it another, or in your pet, or the birds, or in the wind blowing through the trees, or in the stars shining down, the sun warming your face, the rain washing your doubts away. Love in all, as all.

Then you can go out into the world, not to get anything, because you no longer need anything. You wish, soley, to go out and share the joy, and love that you feel, with all of sentient life, nothing, or no-one excluded. You simply feel to share the love, with no need to receive anything back, and yet love attracts love, and then a true meeting without fear is possible. Love grows through the world, expanding to accommodated all beliefs. It becomes the new language of every country, and culture, and devours cynicism through the same power that creates, and destroys worlds.

Let me leave you with this poem

Love is. That is all.

How can this be?
Both everywhere, and no-where.
It is here, free
In the place of no affairs, or cares

It is not really a place, quite other than that
More like a space, no borders, or gaps
Dive in and find it in the deep
Let go, and let yourself weep…

Love is not where you think it is, you find it in the fall..
Love is not what you think it is.
Love is. That is all.

Love is not what you think it is.
Love is. That is all.

Love is. That is all.

So, what do you think ?

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