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The iconic Matrix movie is now of course a huge cult classic. I believe like all classics, it owes it success to the fact that it contains some real deep and profound wisdom. Essentially any story is always trying to answer a question, and the greatest stories address the greatest questions that we ask ourselves, which our centred around finding meaning from our existence.

In this story, the quest to enter into a journey to understand the nature of reality, is formed in the question;

‘What is the Matrix?’

Well the nature of any question is a quest for truth, and in this case it is Truth with a capital ‘T’, i.e. the Truth, the ultimate Truth, the absolute Truth.

Well it just so happens in Ancient Egypt, a civilization cultivated upon some of the greatest wisdom the world has ever seen, there was a Goddess of Truth, and her name was Ma’at.

Her symbol was a feather which she wore in her headdress, and this feather was famously weighed against your heart in the Ancient Egyptian story of judgement upon death. Of course the lighter the heart, the better it was for you in the afterlife.

feather of truth spiral

From a spiritual perspective to have a light heart, to be ‘light-hearted’ is to have transformed all of one’s heaviness such as the burdens of negative thinking which weigh us down, into a light and free way of being.

But what is this freedom? What is this light? What is this Truth?

The Truth is the ‘Prima Materia’ that the Alchemists spoke of, who owed their legacy to Hermes Trismegistus, legendary Alchemist of Ancient Greece, who in turn can be traced back to Thoth, the God of Magic, Wisdom and Sacred Writing in Ancient Egypt.

This Prima Materia is the primal material from which all of creation is woven, like the fabric of a beautiful tapestry that holds upon it all of the wonders of the universe.

From a cosmic sense we can think of the Prima Materia, or Matrix to be the womb of creation. I note that nearly all languages have a word for mother which stems from the root ‘Ma’. We have Mother Earth of course, personified as Mother Mary in Catholicism, also the Goddess of the Sea. This sea represents the primal waters of creation, known as Nun in Ancient Egypt, and also the personal and collective unconscious mind from which springs all of our imagination and creative ideas.

In the human body we can discover the cosmic egg of creation that holds the creative life force within the navel plexus, (the navel of our world, where all things come together) and the corresponding lumbar vertebrae. Known to Alchemists as the Philosopher’s Stone, the lumbar vertebrae is said to be indestructible, and does not decompose even after death, perhaps because it needs to be so dense and pure to be able to contain the essence of creation that brings us into being.

Stone of Destiny

We come into being from the cosmic womb as a wave which spirals like a serpent, in order to weave the sacred human form into being as an exquisite expression of divine grace.

To know this Truth directly, and the (Kundalini) force that springs from it, it is know the secret of the universe. To know the secret of the universe, and creation, is to master your destiny, and create reality exactly as you wish it to be, in accordance with the highest ideals which also arise from making such a connection.

If you really want to know what the matrix is, and you really want to be the master of your destiny, and know the Truth of creation inside your heart and soul, then I advise you make it your highest priority in life. Dedicate each and every moment to diving deep into it in order to feel the very essence of what life brings you. I choose Kundalini Yoga, and meditation as the foundation stone of my personal awakening, but you must choose what works for you. I find the technology of Kundalini Yoga is unsurpassed because of the way in which i directly stimulates the navel plexus and central nervous system to accommodate the flow of the emerging Kundalini creative force. However, I look to Alchemy, Fairy Tales, and Western Mythology to fire up my imagination and breathe life into the fire that Kundalini Yoga kindles.

Wake up, and take this life back from the clutches of illusion. This is it. This is your life, and you are the main actor, director, script writer, make it the best movie you ever dreamed you would have the privilege of experiencing.

create your world

So, what do you think ?

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